Direct Links to run quotes & apply for Health Insurances

Please use the links below to visit the carrier sites.

Associate me as your agent/broker so I can help you with your application and plans.

  1. VISITORS'S INSURANCE BY IMG/TIME INSURANCE --- Universal/Global, Individual Family(IFP), student, and Visitor's  : IMG Health Plans For ALL
  2. AETNA click on the link -> Aetna Health Plans, contact me for my broker ID or you can add me as recommended BROKER by searching by my lastname; so it will let me help you while applying & later.
  3. BLUE SHIELD OF CA - Individual Family(IFP), click on the link-> Blue Shield of CA if you need my agent ID contact me.
  4. Anthem BLUE CROSS of CA IFP & Small Group my Broker ID BKLPJJRTMZ click on  new link for for 2014 plans  - if you need my agent ID, contact me.
  5. BCBS TX, Express Link to Get Quotes and Apply if you like it. Contact me for application BCBS TX needs hard copy application !
  6. HEALTH NET --- Individual Family(IFP) click on this link -> Health Net my agent ID is x457
  7. UNITEDHEALTH CARE also known as Pacific Care/ GoldenRule/UnitedOne/UnitedHealthCare Individual Family(IFP), Short-term, Dental click on this link  UnitedOne my agent number is 8598633.
  8. KAISER - Individual Family (IFP) My agent ID is 17217 click on these for  Kaiser IFP Direct Apply OR, Kaiser Instant Quote
  9. Government Health Care Marketplace (Exchange); my FFM ID lakshmichennupati, my name Lakshmi Chennupati and National Producer Number(NPN) 8598633 - this site can be used for all states I am licensed in other than CA.
  10. California State Marketplace (Exchange); my agent number is 2000009780 or use my name lakshmi chennupati and my CA license number 0E93631, to add as a delegate on your applications, to help you during enrollment and then when you have questions on benefits and coverage.

Thank you for your support !